The CLA Project

The Central South Consortium Joint Education Service are funding us to run a number of 3 day projects in schools in the South Wales areas for schools and classes where some learners are Children Looked After(CLA).

The project will involve two experienced practitioners working  in schools  with groups of students (including CLA) and  school staff (either through involvement in classroom activity or twilight INSET).  A variety of creative and action techniques such as storytelling, drama games, poetry and action learning techniques will be used to develop skills in emotional vocabulary and awareness, coping and emotion management strategies and social skills such as helping and friendship skills.  With teaching and learning on empathy and motivation the sessions will help to enhance students self-perceptions as learners


Day One – Storytelling skills in pairs- Learners become familiar with techniques for remembering and communicating a short story and to tell this story to one other person.   It gives the opportunity to build language and communication, memory and imagination skills in an an exercise designed to increase confidence in speaking and listening
Day Two –  Exploring meaning, emotion and dilemma in story- Learners get to explore a story in detail, to examine the thoughts, feelings and choices that characters make and to consider the consequences of those actions.
Day Three – Storytelling in groups- Learners work in small groups to tell a story as a group to the class-  This will give a chance to incorporate music, puppets and drawing & painting into the storytelling as well as developing group work/relationship skills.
Across the three days the themes of thinking, feeling and choosing are continually explored.   This involves developing
  • Emotional awareness- the dimensions of our emotional life
  • Thinking skills- the nature and types of thought, facts, ideas and opinions, probabilities, mindsets
  • Choices- Actions and values

Outcomes & Evaluation

The project would be evaluated using before, during and after scaled outcome ratings by students, staff and parents.  We will be looking to improve the following outcomes especially for CLA and hard to engage learners

  • Increased confidence in educational participation
  • Better behaviour in school and home
  • Improved attendance
  • Improved educational engagement and attainment
  • Improved home-school communication

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