‘Feelings are Funny Things’  is a teaching and learning programme, created by an experienced Teacher and a Clinical Psychologist.  It aims to develop key Emotional Literacy skills such as emotional awareness and regulation, empathy, social problem solving skills and critical and creative thinking skills.   The outcomes for learners include improved confidence, learning and readiness to learn throughout life.  A full programme aims to have impact on students emotional wellbeing, developing confidence, resilience (sticking with difficulty and bouncing back) and empathy, all of which support the aims of the Four Purposes in the new curriculum in Wales.   Training sessions for teachers, built-in evaluation and follow-on materials help to develop and embed  the learning across the curriculum after the programme has finished .

The Programme can be delivered to suit the needs of your school: in intensive blocks from one day to one week, or on a weekly basis over a half or full term.   We also like to work with teachers and in partnership with schools to help embed the work in the school.   The approach uses both evidence based and expressive arts methodologies and active learning techniques,  we use storytelling as the primary art form to explore emotions, be a springboard for creative writing and visual arts and to give children the skills and confidence to create and tell their own stories.      We believe this programme can help students learn more about themselves and can make a significant impact on health and wellbeing and can work with schools all over the UK.

The programme is developed by Dr Steve Killick, Clinical Psychologist and Storyteller and Phil Okwedy, Storyteller and Teacher, and in association with the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at The University of South Wales.


‘Wonder is the beginning of philosophy.’